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Database Administration Tools for SQL Anywhere CMS and Audit DBs
December 7, 2021 – 12:10 pm
Sybase Anywhere Client - SQL Query and Administration Tool | AquaFold

As you may already know, SAP Business Objects 3.1 (SP5 and higher) and 4.1 uses the SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 12.0.1 embedded database for its default CMS and Audit databases. When you install BOBJ, the installation of SQLA happens automatically and you only need to define standard credentials to log in to the database, such as administrator user name/password.

One thing the default BOBJ installation does not do is install the SQL Anywhere administration tools; however, you can still get them using one of two methods:

  1. The BOBJ 3.1 installation media includes a file called “SA1201_Client.exe” (Windows) and “sa12_client_linux_x86.x64.1201_3152_l10n.tar.gz” (Linux) inside the folder “SAW”. Execute (Windows) or extract/execute (Linux) this file to install the SQL Anywhere Client, which includes the administration tools.
  2. Download the SQL Anywhere Client from here: . You need to do this if using BOBJ 4.1.

There are three database administration tools provided to manage the database:

The most useful tool is Sybase Central since that’s what you use to define events and maintenance plans for CMS and Audit database validation and backups. It’s all wizard-based so creating those management tasks is a breeze. If you’re in for a challenge, you can always create your events using pure SQL, in which case Interactive SQL is your friend… but if you’re a GUI person like me, stick to Sybase Central 🙂

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