Web Hosting In Plain Language

March 10, 2021 – 05:26 am
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Everyone who is going to create a website is faced with the need to purchase web hosting. Novice developers sometimes get scared of this term, but it's not that scary. Let's figure out what it is all about, how to choose and buy it.

So hosting is a kind of lease of space on the server where data and files will be stored for the website to function. If we draw an everyday analogy, then this is the lease of the land plot where the house will be built. Another parallel follows from this. Not every land is suitable for the construction of a particular house. So not every hosting is suitable for a specific web resource.

These are the types of hosting:

  • Shared hosting. Usually it is referred to "web hosting". Your project will be located on the same server along with other web projects.
  • VPS — Virtual Private Server. Your project gets an own place and computing power on one powerful server. The performance will depend only on the selected tariff plan. It is the tariff that determines the amount of system resources, processing power, the amount of RAM, disk space and the width of the network channel. For example, you can follow hostneverdie.com and see which prices are in Thailand
  • Cloud hosting. Consists of several servers that replace each other if the load on one of them increases. If one of them crashes, its functions will be taken over by other servers in the cloud group.

Obviously it is an important service that is needed for all web resources. If the project is still young and its budget is limited, it is advisable to give preference to shared hosting. For large projects with a large number of users, VPS will be optimal. And for overloaded sites, a dedicated server or cloud hosting is suitable.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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