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a MySQL Database Administration Tool
May 14, 2019 – 08:34 am
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phpMyAdmin Alter Table

What is PHPMyAdmin?

PHPMyAdmin is open source free software, designed to handle the administration and management of MySQL databases through a graphic user interface. Written in PHP, PHPMyAdmin has become one of the most popular web-based MySQL management tools. PHPMyAdmin comes with detailed documentation and is being supported by a large multi-language community. PHPMyAdmin's ever growing list of features supports all commonly used operations such as browsing, dropping, creating, altering MySQL databases, tables, fields and indexes. Also, PHPMyAdmin enables you to manage MySQL users and user privileges. Another commonly used PHPMyAdmin feature is its import function. With PHPMyAdmin, MySQL database import from backup is made easy and you can import an SQL or CSV dump with a few mouse clicks. Also, you can easily export your database in CSV, SQL, XML, Excel and other popular formats.

NTC Hosting Control Panel Built-in PHPMyAdmin

NTC Hosting provides a high quality MySQL hosting service with all web hosting plans. In order to enable our users to manage their databases in an easy-to-use but secure environment, we also provide database access via one of the most popular and trusted web database managers - phpMyAdmin.

MySQL hosting is a service, which allows the creation of big, powerful websites and the operation of whole web-based applications and programs. If you'd like to build your website using an open source database solution and insist on good speed, security and scalability, then you need MySQL. In order to administer your MySQL database easily and without using a command interpreter, you need the MySQL Database Administration Tool.

To offer its clients maximum data security, combined with high efficiency and an easy-to-use interface, NTC Hosting has included the already established PHPMyAdmin database manager in each of its hosting plans. Using this unique software you can create, edit, delete and back up database tables, and also optimize your database, remove errors, import data and many more.

Thanks to this solution offered by NTC Hosting, you can access your database via any computer connected to the Internet. You don't have to install additional software. In order to log in, simply go to the MySQL Database section of the Web Hosting Control Panel and click on the PHPMyAdmin icon next to the database.

How to install PHPMyAdmin on a Linux host

The combination between the Linux operation system, the Apache web server, the MySQL database server and the PHP scripting language has become one of the most popular web hosting platforms. Stacked together, these free, open source software projects are the essentials of the LAMP server software bundle. If you are running a Linux host and you already have LAMP installed and configured on your machine, you probably need to install PHPMyAdmin in order to have a convenient and easy-to-use tool for managing you MySQL databases.

For example, we will show you how to install PHPMyAdmin on an Ubuntu Server host. First, open a terminal window and use the APT package manager to install PHPMyAdmin.

An example of how to install PHPMyAdmin on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin

Also, you can install PHPMyAdmin using Gnome's Synaptic Package Manager. In both cases the APT application will install all needed packages to meet PHPMyAdmin’s installation dependencies

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