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Remotely Managing Your Database
November 26, 2021 – 04:23 pm
Software recommendation - MySQL GUI Tools - Ask Ubuntu

Pagoda Box gives you the ability to securely connect to your live database(s) and manage them using the same tools you use to manage your local database(s). No need to use web-based management tools to administrate your live databases. Use whatever database management tools you would like to do it from your local desktop.

  • Using the SSH Portal to securely connect to your database
  • Using the Pagoda Tunnel to connect to your database

Managing Your Database Through an SSH Connection

Pagoda Box allows you to enable SSH access on any or all of your application's databases. With SSH access enabled, you can remotely connect to your database and manage it through a secure ssh connection, using your client of choice.

Using a Database GUI

Most modern database GUIs will allow you to connect directly to your remote database through an SSH connection via some kind SSH connection option. The screenshot below shows Sequel Pro's SSH connection UI.

. It utilizes an SSH connection and ssh port-forwarding to create a direct access point into your database from your localhost. For example, opening a tunnel to a MySQL database using the Pagoda CLI will allow you to connect directly to the database on

Opening a Tunnel Terminal

# Pattern $ pagoda tunnel [-a app_name] service-name/uid [-p port] # Examples $ pagoda tunnel -a demo-app database1 $ pagoda tunnel database1 -p 3307

Once the tunnel is open, you'll be able to connect to your live database.

Connecting Through the Tunnel

Once the tunnel is established, use your database-management tool of choice to connect to your live database. Be sure to use the credentials provided in the tunnel output.

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