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9 Tools to Become Successful In Data Modeling (Free)
October 21, 2019 – 09:40 am
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In software engineering, data modeling is the process of creating a data model for an information system. This is done by applying formal data modeling techniques.

Data is today a very important aspect of business and brands across the world and globe. That is why data modeling is used to define and analyse data requirements that are essential for supporting the business processes which is a part of the information systems of companies.

The process of data modeling therefore requires the close and active collaboration of professional data modellers, stakeholders as well as prospective users of the information system.

From requirements of data to creation of actual database, three different types data models are produced. Initially, the data requirements are recorded as a conceptual data model which is basically a set of technology independent specifications that are used to talk about the initial requirements of data.

Post this, the conceptual model is converted into a logical data model that documents the structure of data, which is then implemented into databases.

Multiple logical data models may be be needed to implement a single conceptual data model. The last step in data modeling involves the transformation of logical data model into a physical data model.

In this model, data is organised into data, and creates accounts for access, performance and storage details.

This means that data modeling defines data elements as well as the structure and relationships between the elements. Used to model data in a systematic and proper manner, data modelling techniques helps companies to manage data as a valuable resource.

It therefore goes without saying that data modeling standards are an essential requirements for companies that conduct projects, where data has to be analysed and defined in a particular manner.

This post highlights some of the important data modeling tools that go a long way in help making data modeling a successful and effective endeavour for various brands and organisations.

Data Modeling Tools;

  1. Archi:

Initially funded by Jisc between 2010-2012, Archi was a part of the national project that helped to support a programme of the Enterprise Architecture in the higher education sector of the United Kingdom.

This data modeling tool, supports the ArchiMate 2.1 modelling language, which is a technical standard, created by the Open Group.

By providing an open source reference implementation of ArchiMate, Archi is presently one of the tools used to implement the Open Group ArchiMate Model Exchange File Format.

The 2.1 version of the tool is a free version and supports sketches, cross-platform and is open source platform as well.

  1. BiZZdesign Architect:

A visual data modeling and design tool, BiZZdesign Architect is used by the Enterprise Architecture to support the application of a number of enterprise architecture frameworks including ArchiMate and TOGAF.

By supporting modelling, visualization, analysis and documentation of enterprise architecture from multiple viewpoints and with multiple views, BiZZdesign Architecture also supports automatic data collection along with data import from office applications.

Released in 2004, BiZZdesign Architect was developed by BiZZdesign and was based on the results of the ArchiMate project.

This data modeling tool intends to offer clients a high value enterprise architecture data modeling tool that can be controlled by the business management.

Some of the enterprise architecture framework that BiZZdesign supports includes ArchiMate, DYA framework, Pragmatic Enterprise Architecture framework, Tapscott among others.

  1. CA ERwin Data Modeler:

Another software tool for data modeling, CA ERwin Data modeling is used for developing custom made information system including data charts and databases for transactional systems, besides data requirement analysis and database design.

Based upon the IDEF1X method, this tool also supports diagrams displayed with information engineering notation.

This tool was then added by Computer Associates to their AllFusion suite under the name of AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler, later named as CA ERwin Data Modeler.

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