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March 5, 2022 – 07:27 am
Entity Relationship Diagram Software for Mac | Professional ERD



Exploratory Data Analysis: intuition-oriented analysis by networks manipulations in real time.

Link Analysis: revealing the underlying structures of associations between objects.

Social Network Analysis: easy creation of social data connectors to map community organizations and small-world networks.

Biological Network analysis: representing patterns of biological data.

Poster creation: scientific work promotion with hi-quality printable maps.

Metrics ready

Centrality: used in sociology to indicate how well a node is connected. Available: degree (power-law), betweenness, closeness.

And more: density, path length, diameter, HITS, modularity, clustering coefficient.


Ergonomic interface: no programming skills needed

High-performance: built-in rendering engine.

Native file formats: GDF (GUESS), GraphML (NodeXL), GML, NET (Pajek), GEXF and more.

Customizable by plugins: layouts, metrics, data sources, manipulation tools, rendering presets and more.


Bastian M., Heymann S., Jacomy M. (2009). Gephi: an open source software for exploring and manipulating networks. International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media. From AAAI [PDF].

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