Database Load testing tools

Database Testing Performance (Load, Stress)
July 13, 2022 – 05:50 am
Database Load Testing, Performance Testing of Database - AppPerfect

An application with more response time and poor performance can lead to huge problems. Database Load Testing is used to find any performance issues before you deploy your database applications for end users.

Database Load Testing helps you design database application for performance, reliability and scalability. Load Testing of Database applications involves testing the performance and scalability of your Database application with varying user load.

Database Load testing involves simulating real-life user load for the target Database application. It helps you determine how your Database application behaves when multiple users hits it simultaneously.

Load Testing

The primary target of Load Testing is to check if most running transactions have performance impact on the database. In load testing, you need to check the following aspects −

  • The response time for executing the transactions for multiple remote users should be checked.
  • With normal transactions, you should include one editable transaction to check the performance of the database for these type pf transactions.
  • With normal transactions, you should include one non-editing transaction to check performance of database for these type of transactions.
  • Time taken by database to fetch specific records should be checked.

Stress Testing

Stress testing is performed to identify the system breakpoint. Here the application is loaded in such a way that the system fails at one point. This point is called the breakpoint of the database system. Stress testing is also known as Fatigue Testing.

Determining the state of database transactions involves a significant amount of effort. Proper planning is required to avoid any time- and cost-based issues.

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