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What are the benefits of RDBMS?
October 26, 2022 – 10:58 am
Administration for Oracle Advanced - ppt download

In a relational database, you define in advance what it is that will be input to the table rows and fields. The data is then stored in a structured fashion making it possible to run reports and analytics, normally (although not always) using the structured query language (SQL). A query is in essence the way the data is extracted and put into a readable format – the user will be able to search and run reports based on the data they are interested in searching on. Additionally, SQL queries make it possible to create, delete, or modify tables, as well as select, insert, and delete data from existing tables. As more and more information is stored in the database, more memory and faster hardware can be added to provide scalability. It is worth noting however that such a database requires extensive administration to ensure the structural integrity of the data.

The main advantage is the ease with which it enables users to extract data, run reports and conduct analysis. An RDBMS is generally easy to manage, and any data set can be updated without disruption to others. At the same time the accessibility of data can be made available (or unavailable) to different users – this can help protect privacy and confidential information. A further advantage is that each piece of information is stored at a single point; it’s not necessary to make multiple changes and legacy data cannot garble the database. Ultimately, in spite of the administrative requirements, the structure which an RDBMS provides is hugely beneficial to organizations looking to store large quantities of data.

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