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Using SQL Developer to connect to BPM databases
January 30, 2023 – 08:48 am
A SQL Developer @dermotoneill: SQL Developer DB2 Connection
  • There are a number of tools you can use to connect to the the BPM databases. One of the tools is Oracle's SQL Developer which can connect to Oracle, DB2, and MSSQL databases.
  • Download and setup SQL Developer:

  • Download and install the “Oracle SQL Developer”:
  • Once installed, we should first tell the tool which JDBC drivers to use for Oracle, DB2, and MSQL. You can get these drivers from the BPM server under:
  • We recommend copying the files for each of the datbase types to the local system where you will run the SQL Developer.
  • In SQL Developer, click "Tools" -> "Preferences"
  • When the Preferences Window appears, expand "Databases" and click "Third Party JDBC drivers. Then, click "Add Entry" and specify the path on your local driver to the jar files.
  • Connect to the databases:

  • To create new database connections, on the left hand pane, right click "Connections" -> "New Connection".
  • Enter a connection name, username, password, and check the "Save Password" box.
  • Select the appropriate tab for the database. If you have added the JDBC drivers in the section above correctly, you should see tabs for "Oracle", "DB2", and "SQLServer".
  • Source: support.bp-3.com
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