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The Top 20 Most Popular Database Management Software Infographic
July 2, 2017 – 07:36 am
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top 20 most popular database management softwareThe world of Database Management Software (DBMS) is an industry that has turned on its head in the last ten years. A space that was once dominated by the big software conglomerates now is joined by a number of free and open source options.

With so many solutions out there, paid and free, it can be an overwhelming task to find the right fit for your database needs. That’s why we put together this overview of the Top 20 Most Popular Database Management Software infographic.

This infographic is not meant to replace your own research. It is not all inclusive, but is meant to be a high-level overview of the biggest players in the space, and a resource for the beginning stages of your research. It is important to remember that the most popular solutions may not always be the best fit.


1. Number of current customers (companies and organizations with a license)

2. Number of active administrative users (individuals at those customer entities who manage the data, pull reports, etc.)

3. Social media presence (Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Google +1s, LinkedIn followers, Klout scores, and number of Capterra reviews).

Customer and users are each weighted at 40% of the final score. Each of the six social metrics are weighted at 3.33%, and combined make up the remaining 20%.

top 20 most popular database management softwareData

To obtain this data, we reached out to all of the vendors listed in our Database Management directory. Some of the numbers were provided directly from the vendors through this outreach. However, most of the numbers used in the calculation represent our own estimates based on publicly available information and industry averages. Such numbers are highlighted in the table below.

It is reasonable to assume that all of the numbers used are estimates. Though they are imperfect, we think they provide a reasonable reflection of the market when combined.

In this industry, most software companies provide more than one database option. For the purposes of this high-level research, the estimates below represent all of those options combined. The exception to this is the Apache Foundation. Their DB Project has about six options for database software. The numbers in this table are representative of only two of those: Cassandra and CouchDB, so their overall market share is likely greater than is represented here.

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