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Easy Database Software - analyze your data without profound SQL knowledge
May 6, 2017 – 12:34 pm
Database Software Design and Management - Brilliant Database

With datapine, database analysis is understandable and useful. Data can be used to build stunning charts and graphs using nothing more than a drag-and-drop graphical interface, which means that the process is fast, easy and productive at all levels; in contrast to most other business analysis tools on the market. In the end, these database analytics can reveal much about a business and, particularly for businesses that are just starting up or that are in the process of growing, being able to harness that data and to put it to use in a way that everyone can understand is inarguably a great advantage. With datapine you can analyze like an IT pro and you can drill down and filter the data to get the information that you really need and present it in a useful and easy-to-understand format.

Our user-friendly database software with an innovative drag-and-drop interface makes it possible to utilize the information in your database like never before. You can build any SQL query you want and you never have to worry about syntax or any other technicalities. datapine’s data analysis software is designed so that you can access the required information without having to be a programmer or IT specialist. Any database solution that can do this is certainly a huge asset to a company. You can also use our Google Analytics connector to unleash the power of data you have stored in Google Analytics. So, rather than having to engage your IT personnel to do the heavy lifting of running a database query or doing SQL reporting, anyone can do it.

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