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January 7, 2019 – 03:09 pm
End-User Reporting Tools | Business Intelligence content from SQL
Web Portal (Native mode only) Use this tool to administer a single report server instance from a remote location over an HTTP connection. You can do the following:

View, search, print, and subscribe to reports.

Create, secure, and maintain the folder hierarchy to organize items on the server.

Configure role-based security that determines access to items and operations.

Configure report execution properties, report history, and report parameters.

Create report models that connect to and retrieve data from a Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services data source or from a SQL Server relational data source.

Set model item security to allow access to specific entities in the model, or map entities to predefined clickthrough reports that you create in advance.

Create shared schedules and shared data sources to make schedules and data source connections more manageable.

Create data-driven subscriptions that roll out reports to a large recipient list.

Create linked reports to reuse and repurpose an existing report in different ways.

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