sql database repair tool

What is the best tool for corrupt SQL database repair and recovery
May 26, 2022 – 08:41 am
SQL Database Recovery tool to repair corrupt MDF file | SQL with Manoj

Before using any 3rd party tool; you should use the automatic repair option of SQL Server database. These options are:

REPAIR_REBUILD: This command is for the minor corruption. To apply this command, Set the database in single user mode.

Use Database_name GO



REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS: When corruption is not recoverable by the simple repair rebuild option then, this option can be very helpful. As it is clear from the name, the corrupted data will be lost from the database. To use this option, use the following syntax:


Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair is most recommended software by MVP’s for repairing corrupt database. It has several features:

  • Able to repair .MDF and .NDF files.
  • Also supports latest SQL Server 2016
  • database. Also worked on Windows 10.
  • Able to repair SQL database from suspect mode
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Source: ask.sqlservercentral.com
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