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Couchbase ODBC and JDBC Drivers with SQL Connector
December 7, 2021 – 12:10 pm
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Simba Couchbase ODBC Diagram connectivitySQL-based BI and ETL tools require a relational view of data (“schema”) and so they cannot work directly with NoSQL data sources, which do not require a pre-defined schema. Simba drivers feature an auto-generation mechanism for defining a relational schema whereby collections of documents are mapped to relational tables, and composite data types, such as arrays, are mapped to virtual re-normalized tables. Included with the drivers is Simba’s Schema Editor tool for viewing and editing these auto-generated schemas. Once the schema is finalized, the schema can be uploaded into the database to ensure that all users use the same schema. This enables analysts and data scientists to seamlessly work with NoSQL data sources using familiar BI tools without a need to learn a new tool or query language.

Couchbase has its own powerful query language in N1QL (pronounced “nickel”), which adds on to SQL the ability to query JSON documents. Analysts and data scientists can continue to take advantage of the expressive nature of the N1QL query language as the drivers fully understand N1QL.

High Performance, Reliability and Security

Simba Couchbase drivers intelligently distribute the workload between Couchbase Server and the driver by translating as many SQL operations as possible to N1QL and passing down these operations to the N1QL query engine for execution, while taking care of operations that are not directly supported by it.

With the simple click of a button, Couchbase Server users can scale their database by adding nodes and taking advantage of the inherent automated, elastic scaling features. The Simba Couchbase drivers seamlessly support this elastic scaling by supporting load balancing and failover between nodes to drive further performance.

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