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See Surveillance Flash Overview for SAP (Sybase) Systems
December 21, 2020 – 11:40 am
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Comprehensive database monitoring tools for SAP ASE, IQ, Replication Server and SAP HANA ensures reliable data performance and availability

A global strategic alliance Sybase partner, Bradmark's Surveillance DB is Sybase's recommended choice for top-tier monitoring and performance management of SAP ASE, IQ, Replication Server, and SAP HANA investments that run on UNIX, Linux and Windows operating systems.

Surveillance DB provides IT professionals essential system visibility to capture comprehensive views of overall system health, and perform comprehensive drill-downs to determine the root cause of performance bottlenecks. Whether you are running a data warehouse application, high availability online transaction systems or a regular database, Surveillance provides you peace-of-mind, knowing that your SAP database systems are up and running and performing to agreed service levels.

Global partnership provides "unprecedented solution", ensuring SAP customers' databases run efficiently, consistently and with maximum uptime

On July 2005, Bradmark and Sybase an SAP company®, announced that it has joined in a global reseller agreement. Under this global agreement, Sybase offers Bradmark's Surveillance monitoring and management tools directly to its customers through both its direct sales force and worldwide partnerships.

Bradmark provides Sybase clients with a comprehensive product suite to monitor and manage Sybase Adaptive Server® Enterprise (ASE), Sybase Replication Server®, Sybase IQ and their operating systems.

"Our goal is to provide our customers with industry-leading database management solutions and our relationship with Bradmark is evidence of that commitment, " stated Kathleen Schaub, vice president, Information Technology Solutions Group, Sybase. "By teaming with Bradmark, we can offer an unprecedented solution, ensuring our customers' databases run efficiently, consistently and with maximum uptime."

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