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Comparing Diffs Between Two Oracle Database Schemas
September 2, 2017 – 11:42 am
Oracle Database Compare Tool - Compare Oracle Schemas

Oracle SQL Developer: Diff Wizard Source and Destination pageAfter that you should choose Source Connection and Target Connection from the existing connections. Also you can choose object types to compare during this step. Available object types are Tables, Views, Indexes, Package Spec, Package Body, Procedure, Functions, Triggers, Types, Sequence, Materialized View, Materialized View Logs, Synonyms, Database Link.

Press the Next button to open the Specify Objects page, where you can select objects for comparison and filter them by their type. Then press the Next button to open the Diff Summary page, where the Finish button becomes active.Oracle SQL Developer: Schema Diff Report Then Press the Finish button.
After comparison process is completed (it did not take much time), the result is shown as Diff Report.

Perfect, Oracle SQL Developer managed to compare test schemas, but it did not meet the requirements we specified in the beginning of the article. These are:
1. The tool needs availability of the Change Management license for your Oracle database. The price depends on your Oracle Database license, but it is quite high if you need to compare only a couple of schemas using the free SQL Developer.
2.dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle: Choose Source and Target schemas There is no possibility to compare several schemas at once.
3. There are no comparison options as such, so you cannot tune comparison process.
4. There is only the number of differences displayed in the provided Diff Report, but they cannot be viewed in the side-by-side DDL Diff. Also Diff Report provides an Update script only for single object selected in the grid and does not allow viewing the generated update script for several objects.
5.dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle: Comparison Options and Object Filter There is no Synchronization wizard with options for tuning synchronization process.

As we see, there is quite a lot of requirements the tool doesn’t answer, isn’t there? We did our best to correct all these shortcomings in our tool for schema comparison.

dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle

Let’s run the dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle — Oracle SQL Developer alternative, and press New Schema Comparison on Start Page. After this we should create connections for source and target (this is impossible in Oracle SQL Developer). Schemas with identical names will be mapped automatically.dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle: Schema Comparison Document Schemas also can be mapped manually, and several schemas can be included into comparison.

On the next two pages you can accurately tune the comparison process with the help of options and select the needed types for comparison of their DDL: Tables, Views, Packages, Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Array Types, Object Types, Table Types, Sequences, Materialized Views, Materialized View Logs, Synonyms, Database Links, XML Schemas. Unlike in Oracle SQL Developer, the Compare button is available on the first page of the wizard.

After the comparison process is completed, a user-friendly document with comparison results is shown. In this document, you can inspect the differences visually, view the update script that can be generated for several objects selected in the grid at once, include and exclude the needed objects from synchronization, filter or group objects. It’s enough to call the corresponding Synchronization wizard to perform synchronization.

Synchronization Wizard allows selecting the path to save the generated script to disk, executing this script directly to the target database, tuning the synchronization process accurately, generating the update script, viewing warnings and action plan.

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