Oracle database monitoring tools

Oracle Monitoring with eG Enterprise
July 19, 2022 – 09:39 am
Tools to monitor Oracle Database Performance on Standard Edition
Database service monitoring
  • Is the Oracle database server available for servicing requests and what is the response time for a typical request?
Session monitoring
  • How many users are accessing the Oracle database currently?
  • Who are the active users?
Query monitoring
  • What are the current top 10 SQL queries in terms of resource utilization?
Transaction monitoring
  • What is the commit and rollback behavior of the applications using the Oracle database?
Alert log monitoring
  • Have there been any recent errors/events in the Oracle alert log? What are they?
Rollback segment monitoring
  • Is there heavy contention for the rollback segments?
Lock and latch monitoring
  • Is there contention for locks?
  • Is a specific application holding a lock for a long time? Which lock(s) are these?
Cache monitoring
  • Are the library cache, dictionary cache, and the data buffer cache adequately sized?
Full table scan monitoring
  • Is there any full table scan happening on the Oracle database server? If so, how frequently?
Tablespace monitoring
  • Are any of the tablespaces reaching their storage capacity?
  • Is the load adequately balanced across the tablespaces?
Hot file monitoring
  • Is the disk I/O (read/write) being balanced across the datafiles or is there a particular hot datafile that is handling all the requests?
Redo log monitoring
  • Is the Oracle redo-log buffer sufficiently sized, or is there a large number of requests waiting for redo log space?
Object monitoring
  • Is there any invalid object in the database? Which ones?
  • Which objects have been recently modified and when?
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