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Try new SQL Server command line tools to generate T-SQL scripts and monitor Dynamic Management Views
May 31, 2022 – 05:29 am
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This post was authored by Tara Raj and Vinson Yu, Program Managers – SQL Server Team

We are excited to announce the public preview availability of two new command line tools for SQL Server:

  • The mssql-scripter tool enables developers, DBAs, and sysadmins to generate CREATE and INSERT T-SQL scripts for database objects in SQL Server, Azure SQL DB, and Azure SQL DW from the command line.
  • The DBFS tool enables DBAs and sysadmins to monitor SQL Server more easily by exposing live data from SQL Server Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) as virtual files in a virtual directory on Linux operating systems.

Read on for detailed usage examples, try out these new command line tools, and give us your feedback.


You can use mssql-scripter on Linux, macOS, and Windows to generate data definition language (DDL) and data manipulation language (DML) T-SQL scripts for database objects in SQL Server running anywhere, Azure SQL Database, and Azure SQL Data Warehouse. You can save the generated T-SQL script to a .sql file or pipe it to standard *nix utilities (for example, sed, awk, grep) for further transformations. You can edit the generated script or check it into source control and subsequently execute the script in your existing SQL database deployment processes and DevOps pipelines with standard multiplatform SQL command line tools such as sqlcmd.

Mssql-scripter is built using Python and incorporates the usability principles of the new Azure CLI 2.0 tools. The source code can be found on Github at, and we welcome your contributions and pull requests!

Get started with mssql-scripter

$pip install mssql-scripter
For additional installation tips, visit .

Script Your First Database Objects
For usage and help content, pass in the -h parameter, which will also show all options:
mssql-scripter -h

Here are some example commands
# Generate DDL scripts for all database objects (default) in the Adventureworks database and output to stdout
$ mssql-scripter -S localhost -d AdventureWorks -U sa

# Generate DDL scripts for all database objects and DML scripts (INSERT statements) for all tables in the Adventureworks database and save the script to a file
$ mssql-scripter -S localhost -d AdventureWorks -U sa ––schema-and-data > ./adventureworks.sql

# generate DDL scripts for objects that contain “Employee” in their name to stdout
$ mssql-scripter -S localhost -d AdventureWorks -U sa ––include-objects Employee


A big part of operationalizing SQL Server is to monitor to ensure that SQL Server is performant, highly available, and secure for your applications. With SQL Server 2017, Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) on Windows are also accessible on Linux, allowing your existing scripts and tools that rely on DMVs to continue to work. Traditionally, to get this information, you would use GUI admin tools such as SSMS or command line tools such as SQLCMD to run queries.

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