Database SQL server

Create an Azure SQL database in the Azure portal
September 2, 2022 – 07:46 am
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Under Server, click Configure required settings and fill out the SQL server (logical server) form with the following information, as shown on the following image:

Setting Suggested value Description
Server name Any globally unique name
Server admin login Any valid name
Password Any valid password Your password must have at least 8 characters and must contain characters from three of the following categories: upper case characters, lower case characters, numbers, and and non-alphanumeric characters.
Subscription Your subscription
Resource group myResourceGroup
Location Any valid location

The server admin login and password that you specify here are required to log in to the server and its databases later in this quick start. Remember or record this information for later use.

When you have completed the form, click Select.

Click Pricing tier to specify the service tier and performance level for your new database. Use the slider to select 20 DTUs and 250 GB of storage. For more information on DTUs, see What is a DTU?.

After selected the amount of DTUs, click Apply.

Now that you have completed the SQL Database form, click Create to provision the database. Provisioning takes a few minutes.

On the toolbar, click Notifications to monitor the deployment process.

Create a server-level firewall rule

The SQL Database service creates a firewall at the server-level that prevents external applications and tools from connecting to the server or any databases on the server unless a firewall rule is created to open the firewall for specific IP addresses. Follow these steps to create a SQL Database server-level firewall rule for your client's IP address and enable external connectivity through the SQL Database firewall for your IP address only.


SQL Database communicates over port 1433. If you are trying to connect from within a corporate network, outbound traffic over port 1433 may not be allowed by your network's firewall. If so, you cannot connect to your Azure SQL Database server unless your IT department opens port 1433.

  1. After the deployment completes, click SQL databases from the left-hand menu and then click mySampleDatabase on the SQL databases page. The overview page for your database opens, showing you the fully qualified server name (such as and provides options for further configuration. Copy this fully qualified server name for use later.

    You need this fully qualified server name to connect to your server and its databases in subsequent quick starts.

  2. Click Set server firewall on the toolbar as shown in the previous image. The Firewall settings page for the SQL Database server opens.
  3. Click Add client IP on the toolbar to add your current IP address to a new firewall rule. A firewall rule can open port 1433 for a single IP address or a range of IP addresses.
  4. Click Save. A server-level firewall rule is created for your current IP address opening port 1433 on the logical server.
  5. Click OK and then close the Firewall settings page.

You can now connect to the SQL Database server and its databases using SQL Server Management Studio or another tool of your choice from this IP address using the server admin account created previously.

By default, access through the SQL Database firewall is enabled for all Azure services. Click OFF on this page to disable for all Azure services.

Query the SQL database

Now that you have created a sample database in Azure, let’s use the built-in query tool within the Azure portal to confirm that you can connect to the database and query the data.

  1. On the SQL Database page for your database, click Tools on the toolbar. The Tools page opens.
  2. Click Query editor (preview), click the Preview terms checkbox, and then click OK. The Query editor page opens.
  3. Click Login and then, when prompted, select SQL server authentication and then provide the server admin login and password that you created earlier.
  4. Click OK to log in.
  5. After you are authenticated, type the following query in the query editor pane.

    SELECT TOP 20 pc.Name as CategoryName, as ProductName FROM SalesLT.ProductCategory pc JOIN SalesLT.Product p ON pc.productcategoryid = p.productcategoryid;

  6. Click Run and then review the query results in the Results pane.
  7. Close the Query editor page and the Tools page.

Clean up resources

If you don't need these resources for another quickstart/tutorial (see), you can delete them by doing the following:

  1. From the left-hand menu in the Azure portal, click Resource groups and then click myResourceGroup.
  2. On your resource group page, click Delete, type myResourceGroup in the text box, and then click Delete.
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