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July 13, 2019 – 09:15 am
Using ODBC Driver in SQL Server - ServiceNow Wiki

Free, simple to use and works for the most part, can connect to oracle with just TNS.


First of all it has some problem with timouts or connections or something, because it keeps freezing for a while when I click it after not using it for a while. At this point it sometimes crashes too! There is also no recovery for QSL code you used. Limited features, interface bit annoying (eg. you need to scroll down to read status output for you command, it doesn't stay-at-bottom), lacks list of items exeisting on the db except for tables (for example cant see sequences), no sql help/autocomplete and it doesn't point to which part of your query the error applies to, there is no line numbering, code folding.


Generally it's good enough if you need simple browser for small db and you don't use any complex sql. For anything more you need a better software. I didn't have to pay for it, so I shouldn't complain too much. As far as free db apps it's not bad, but it has some problems. If you got used to some commercial software (eg. AutaData Studio) then using this is a bit painful at times.

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Simple and effective way of looking at the table contents, and intuitive operation. Support response was helpful and corrected an issue I was having within a few days.

Lack of record count display. Large tables take a long time to retrieve - no obvious "abort query" function.

A great program that does just what I needed - browse and edit databases connected through ODBC. I have also had very good and fast respone from the technical support when a problem arose.

First the easy, immediate viewing of table/view data from the main window. Our Excel-savvy users like that to check field names, field content and summaries (filtering, sorting, like excel)

Then the highly flexible query builder, which is not only needful for beginners, but also for advanced users (even subqueries can be done graphically, a separate tab is created for those)

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