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Getting started with SQL Server database diagrams
May 12, 2018 – 11:31 am
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Now it is time to go through some practical uses of SQL Server database diagrams. Several options used in SSMS for database diagrams are simple, self explanatory and accessible with one click. However it is reasonable to go through some practical tasks to reveal the power of database diagrams in SSMS. We will be using the AdventureWorks database for this purpose.

Creating new SQL Server database diagram in SSMS

To create a new SQL Server database diagram

  • Go to Database Diagrams folder
  • Right click on the folder
  • Click on New Database Diagram

A new pane will appear with all tables in a frame for selection in a new diagram. Select single or multiple tables that are required to be added in the diagram and click the "Add" button.

The selected tables will be added to the diagram editor by clicking the Add button. After selection and addition is finished click the "Close" button to close the frame.

Add existing table to SQL Server database diagrams in SSMS

At any point we have the option to add an existing table or create a new table in SQL Server database diagrams. For example we may add the existing table HumanResources.Shift to our database diagram in the following way. Right click anywhere in the SSMS database diagram editor and choose option "Add Table"

A frame with a list of accessible user tables will appear and you may choose the required table or tables. Close the tables frame and you will have the selected tables in the diagram editor. As in our case we choose HumanResources.Shift.

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