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September 27, 2021 – 01:52 pm
Overview of Database Administrator (DBA) Tools - ppt download

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Bernhard Hartl: "Oracle Maestro works great - thank you for that really good product and the very good User Interface".

Laurits Sogaard Nielsen: "Oracle Maestro (and also MS SQL Maestro) are the perfect substitutes for TOAD and in some ways also much better products (they are much cheaper, and the support is fast and easy). I'm looking forward to getting much more experience with both products, that already now have proven themselves to be fantastic".


The software family is specially designed as a complete tool kit of Oracle databases management solutions. The products allow you to develop and administrate your Oracle database. With the help of the tools you can perform database operations and manage your Oracle data faster and easier. Powerful instruments for managing database objects, building queries and executing SQL scripts, viewing/editing, importing/exporting data, managing Oracle users and their privileges, generating PHP scripts for the selected tables and queries and converting ADO-compatible databases to Oracle ones are at your disposal with our Oracle Tools Family.

We are proud of the frontends that unite the heavy-duty Oracle server scalability, associated with time-intensive tasks of Oracle database design and availability, in excellent performances of easy-to-use wizards and editors.

Company news

New version comes with optimized column filter, custom password encryption, enhanced event editor, new and updated events, auto-logout after an inactivity time and other new features.

New version features colored tabs, new encryption algorithms in data grids, enhanced data input forms, updated data export/import tools and a lot of other useful things.

New version allows you to grant custom permissions at page and record level. It also features enhanced Quick Filter tool, a possibility of printing selected records, a number of updated controls and other useful things.


This article begins a series of step-by-step tutorials on how we made the NBA demo. It explains how to add new items to the menu, implement run-time theme selection, and tweak the login form.

The article illustrates how to use various chart libraries with PHP Generator.

The article contains a list of ODBC drivers and OLE DB providers the software has been examined with. The corresponding connection strings are also included.

Feature of the day

With Oracle Data Sync you can analyze the result of database contents comparison using difference elimination, sorting, and filtering.

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