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Database Development and Visual Database Tools
October 2, 2020 – 11:07 am
Database Workbench: database development tool for MySQL, MariaDB

As you design a database, you create database objects such as tables, columns, keys, indexes, relationships, constraints, and views. To help you create these objects, the Visual Database Tools provides three mechanisms: the Database Designer, the Table Designer, and the Query and View Designer. It is important to understand the interactions among the various tools and your database.

In This Section

Describes how this tool allows you to create tables, columns, keys, indexes, relationships, and constraints. Within the Database Designer, you interact with database objects through database diagrams, which graphically show the structure of the database. With the Database Designer you can create and modify objects that are visible on diagrams (tables, columns, relationships, and keys) and some objects that are not visible on diagrams (indexes and constraints). Describes how this tool helps you to create an individual table. Although you can create tables with the Database Designer, the Table Designer is sometimes more convenient for this task, because it devotes a larger portion of the screen to the table and shows more detail about the table as you design it. Provides details on many useful SQL text editing features. Provides links to topics describing the uses and advantages of various database objects you can use with the Visual Database Tools to design a database. Explains how your database diagram and table design changes are saved in memory until you explicitly choose to save them to the database. Explains how database diagrams and table design windows get saved to the database. Provides links to topics covering special challenges common to large database projects: multiple people designing a single database, making changes to a deployed database, and managing multiple versions of a single database.

Related Sections

Explains the panes of these tools that help you create queries and views. Provides links to topics describing what's new in Visual Database Tools and how the tools interact with your database. Explains concepts behind creating queries and views of your data in Visual Database Tools. Gives detailed steps for designing and maintaining database structure through tables, columns, keys, indexes, stored procedures, and more. Provides links to topics with details on how to design queries and views as well as how to modify data.
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