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What is the best automation tool for database testing?
June 23, 2017 – 12:28 pm
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How many times it happens that the code changes have been deployed to the production server, but schema changes are not rolled out and it has resulted in chaos?

How many times you could not reproduce the scenarios on test servers that is producible on production servers?

How many times do your applications crash when you tweak the back-end layer?

It is the bad database which can be the culprit in these scenarios. To ensure these problems do not occur, it is necessary to have a sound database and data processing in place for every application development enterprises to avoid the chaos and repercussions.

Database test automation ensures maximum test coverage, allowing users to validate different aspects of the database which may include - data validation, schema verification, security checks, data certification, and . Also, when it comes to repeated testing (database regression testing), automation helps performing them in an optimum time-frame without burning a hole in your pocket. Plus, automation testing for database also solves several challenges which traditional testing fails to solve.

Most of my clients from United States & Canada trust for their software, web & mobile applications, cross browsers & database testing automation.

TestingWhiz is considered to be one of the leading database testing tools for automation as it tests and validates end-to-end databases overcoming the challenges of traditional database testing.

Why TestingWhiz?

In a small bullet points, I will explain you why to go for TestingWhiz, specially if you want to experience your automated testing like a PRO.

  • Code-less Tool - Yes, this tool comes with the pre-defined 290+ test commands which you can drag and drop to generate your automated test case.
  • Supports Record/Playback - If you are really looking for a tool that can help you reduce the time that you put on regression testing, this tool works as an angel. As, automating regression testing would definitely reduce your manual testing efforts for sure. This becomes easy with record/playback functionalities.
  • All-in-One Tool - Yes, definitely! This tool comes with automated testing solutions for testing software, web applications, mobile applications, cross-browsers, database, big-data, web services/API and data-driven. Most of my application development companies choose TestingWhiz for being all-rounder.
  • Integration with Bug Tracking Tools & Test Management Tools - Well, on this you would definitely understand that this tool is definitely going to help you tracking your bugs and managing your tests as well.
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