Visual database tools

Visual Database Tools
December 30, 2021 – 10:14 am
Exploring Visual Studio 2010 s Database Tools | Microsoft Visual

Provides links to topics describing what is new in Visual Database Tools and how the tools interact with your database.

Provides links to conceptual topics about the tools included and how to manage multiuser database projects.

Provides links to procedural topics about using Visual Database Tools with a Database Project.

Provides links to topics about using Database Diagram Designer.

Provides links to topics with details on how to design tables.

Provides links to a range of procedural and conceptual topics about using Query and View Designer to return results and modify data.

Provides links to procedural topics about using stored procedures and user-defined functions with Visual Database Tools.

Provides links to procedural topics about using constraints, which are rules that the database server enforces for you.

Provides links to procedural topics about using triggers with Visual Database Tools.

Provides links to procedural topics about using Change and Create scripts with Visual Database Tools.

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