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PT Prefs Helper Updated Again - Now v1.6.10
May 9, 2017 – 01:12 pm
PT Prefs Helper Updated Again - Now v1.6.10 — Pro Tools Expert

For all Mac users running Pro Tools, PT Prefs Helper is an application you should not be without. It enables you to keep copies of all kinds of Avid related files so that when Pro Tools starts misbehaving and you need to trash the Preferences etc, you can then also restore a good set, rather than having to manually go through and try and remember what you had everything set to.

The latest update came about when Pete Gates, the man behind this free application, found some more Avid related files that he felt it would be good to file away including Eucon user key sets backup/restore.

The Story So Far...

We highlighted PT Prefs in an ongoing thread looking at the best ways to do a clean de-install and re-install of Pro Tools. Neil Hester covered the Windows platform and shows how Trasher 11 can really help you to look after all the files and folders that you don’t want to loose.

I covered the same issues with the Mac and pointed out that there wern't the same options that Trasher 11 offers on the Windows platform and so listed the locations of all the files that I felt were important, made somewhat more complex as the files and their locations have changed with different versions of Pro Tools.

Then I remembered PT Prefs and covered what it could do. Well Pete Gates has been busy adding features to PT Prefs to give it the backup and restore options to make clean installers much easier on the Mac Platform. It now covers I/O Settings, Plug-in Maps, Plug-In Settings and your Templates folders and so we now have a tool, thanks to Pete Gates’ hard work that will help all Mac users to do a full de-install and re-install of Pro Tools without loosing key settings and files

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