oracle database tools list

What tools are used for database administration?
June 2, 2022 – 11:00 am
Dimitri Gielis Blog (Oracle Application Express - APEX): Oracle

I'd classify DBA tools into several categories, with each product generally having their own solution. I don't know all the products' solutions, just the major engines.

Command Line Interfaces: generally run in both Windows and Unix environments. Oracle has SQL*plus, MS-Sql Server has sqlcmd.cmd (formerly osql), MySQL has the "Command line Client, " etc.

These are important utilities to be able to run, especially on Unix-housed servers.

Graphical Working Environments: These are tools that not only allow for the development and execution of SQL, but also enable the DBA (or any heavy database user) to work with the database objects in general. Oracle has SQL*Developer, Microsoft has SQL Server Management Studio, Mysql has the MySQL Workbench. A very popular cross-product tool is TOAD (which stands for Tool for Oracle Application Developers); most Oracle people swear by it but it is a bit pricy.

Data Modelling tools: If you're just administering a database you may not have a need, but these tools are vital once you start designing large scale databases. The two leading tools out there are ERwin and ER-Studio, but there are plenty of alternatives. I've seen people use Toad Data Modeler, Visio, PowerDesigner, Oracle Designer, Rational Rose, CAST tools, etc.

Database Administration Tools: these are tools that assist the DBA in doing their job. More and more these are becoming "owned" by the product companies and are being essentially combined with the above "Graphical Working environment" tools, so when you startup something like TOAD or MySQL workbench there are DBA tools and monitoring tools built in. In Toad for example, there's all sorts of useful utilities in the Database->Monitor and Database->Administer tabs. In MySQL workbench in the Server tab you can export objects, view logs, startup and shutdown the database, etc. SQL Server management Studio is similar; all the tools a DBA needs are there.

Oracle provides additional server-based tools in its "Grid" infrastructure that go well beyond desktop management studios and provide enterprise level monitoring and management. I'm sure other major database engines have similar solutions.

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