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July 11, 2022 – 10:47 am
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Identifies the position in the module (application name) and is set through the DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO package or OCI.


Returns the cursor ID of the SQL that triggered the audit. This parameter is not valid in a fine-grained auditing environment. If you specify it in such an environment, Oracle Database always returns NULL.


Returns the identity used in authentication. In the list that follows, the type of user is followed by the value returned:

  • Kerberos-authenticated enterprise user: kerberos principal name
  • Kerberos-authenticated external user : kerberos principal name; same as the schema name
  • SSL-authenticated enterprise user: the DN in the user's PKI certificate
  • SSL-authenticated external user: the DN in the user's PKI certificate
  • Password-authenticated enterprise user: nickname; same as the login name
  • Password-authenticated database user: the database username; same as the schema name
  • OS-authenticated external user: the external operating system user name
  • Radius/DCE-authenticated external user: the schema name
  • Proxy with DN : Oracle Internet Directory DN of the client
  • Proxy with certificate: certificate DN of the client
  • Proxy with username: database user name if client is a local database user; nickname if client is an enterprise user.
  • SYSDBA/SYSOPER using Password File: login name
  • SYSDBA/SYSOPER using OS authentication: operating system user name


Data being used to authenticate the login user. For X.503 certificate authenticated sessions, this field returns the context of the certificate in HEX2 format.

Note: You can change the return value of the AUTHENTICATION_DATA attribute using the length parameter of the syntax. Values of up to 4000 are accepted. This is the only attribute of USERENV for which Oracle Database implements such a change.


Returns the method of authentication. In the list that follows, the type of user is followed by the method returned:

  • Password-authenticated enterprise user, local database user, or SYSDBA/SYSOPER using Password File; proxy with username using password: PASSWORD
  • Kerberos-authenticated enterprise or external user: KERBEROS
  • SSL-authenticated enterprise or external user: SSL
  • Radius-authenticated external user: RADIUS
  • OS-authenticated external user or SYSDBA/SYSOPER: OS
  • DCE-authenticated external user: DCE
  • Proxy with certificate, DN, or username without using password: NONE

You can use IDENTIFICATION_TYPE to distinguish between external and enterprise users when the authentication method is Password, Kerberos, or SSL.


Job ID of the current session if it was established by an Oracle Database background process. Null if the session was not established by a background process.


Returns an identifier that is set by the application through the DBMS_SESSION.SET_IDENTIFIER procedure, the OCI attribute OCI_ATTR_CLIENT_IDENTIFIER, or the Java...

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