Free database compare

Database Comparer v 6.4 Standalone Utility
December 31, 2021 – 08:57 am
Free Database Compare Download

Database ComparerAlso available in the following editions:
Database Comparer VCL and Database Comparer ActiveX

Database Comparer helps to compare, synchronize and update databases structure. You can compare one database with another database or database with SQL/DDL script or even two SQL/DDL scripts!

Database Comparer implements highly intelligent and robust synchronization algorithm. During first comparison step it takes Target database or Target SQL/DDL script and compare it to the Master database or Master SQL/DDL script trying to locate all structure differences and prepare final SQL script which will be applied to the Target and make its structure equal to Master structure.

At this stage Database Comparer extracts all objects, descriptions and links from both Master and Target structures and then compares actual objects from Master with objects from Target building final update SQL script. After final update SQL script is ready you can apply it to the Target database if it is available or just save it to the file and run it later.

Database Comparer also support batch mode so you can synchronize list of Target databases with given Master database or SQL/DDL script at one pass.

  • Can compare database with database, database with SQL/DDL script and SQL/DDL script with SQL/DDL script.
  • Can compare and synchronize data between two database tables.
  • You can optionally select which objects (domains, tables, procedures, triggers etc.) should be compared.
  • Batch mode for most operations.
  • Ability to browse Master and Target structure trees and visually display the differences between them.
  • Final update SQL script can be edited or broken onto separate steps using built-in SQL editor with highlight feature. You can manually change steps order or optionally disable selected steps.
  • Build-in additional functionality such as: drop constraints, backup/restore, database validation and many other useful features.

If you are database administrator, developer or just need to support bunch of databases this tool is designed for you! It will not only save your time and money but also makes sure that you are not missing anything and will not get into serious problems which might be caused by database structure differences.

Now the Database Comparer utility supports the following servers / scripts:
Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, InterBase (FireBird, Yaffil), Sybase, Postgre SQL.


Database Comparer is free for non-commercial use.
Please feel free to use it for educational purposes and you are always welcome to order commercial license from Database Comparer Order page.

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