Direct and Indirect SEO

July 14, 2020 – 11:06 am
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At the query “what is SEO” in the search engines a lot of information will be released (mainly advertising). Some resources, answering this question, quote each other, some give their own definitions of SEO, but this does not add clarity to the question.

SEO is any action aimed at bringing your website or any other of your resources to the top positions of search engines to attract visitors. Many users buy basklinks for this purpose.

This is not only the direct promotion of your site, but also the indirect attraction of visitors to your site by posting their materials on other Internet resources.

There are two types of SEO:

Direct SEO is directly promoting your own site when a search engine issues a link to this site in the results of a visitor’s request. Direct SEO services are offered by various specialists and companies.

Indirect SEO is the promotion of your company by posting your materials on other Internet resources in order to subsequently attract visitors to your site. The result of the search results in this case does not lead to your own site, but to someone else's, where visitors are from, if they are interested in the information, they may reach you.

How does indirect SEO work? You place an informational article (namely an informational one, and not an advertising one) related to the product of your activity on any relevant Internet resource (forum, community, online publication). Your article may reach the top positions in search results for certain queries. The user goes to this resource, reads your article. If the visitor is interested in your information and you, he can become a visitor of your site (follow the link from the article to your site if the Internet resource allows you to place links either by company name or by name and surname).

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